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My full name is Ella May Fleming-Christie. I am from Auckland, New Zealand and I am currently 19 years old. I was originally born in Christchurch which is in the South Island but I moved back up to Auckland where my family was based once I was about 1 year old. I used to live on the North Shore where I went to Birkenhead College but have recently moved out West to live where there are horses and paddocks with ducks and pukeko that surround our suburb. This year I am to take a course with NorthTec where I will study Diploma in Applied Writing to go towards my skills of becoming an author. I also make YouTube videos about books, sometimes something different to change it up a little, and I contribute to my blog writing reviews on books that I either buy myself or that I receive from HarperCollins New Zealand.

Ever since my early high school years, I knew I had a talent for creative writing. I wrote a short story which earned me an excellence (basically an A+) because I went against my English teacher's request to write what she wanted me to and it turned out better than we both expected. After that I started my very own novel, about a girl who found out that she had a unique psychic bond with her boyfriend and then soon after found out that she would eventually die from a terminal sickness. Yes, I kind of was a little dramatic back then! Unfortunately all three saves of the file were lost as both my computers and USB failed me which epically sucked and I lost the appetite for writing anything after that. Three years later I met my current partner, Chad, who inspired me to start writing again after I wrote a paragraph of something that just randomly came to my mind and told me that it was definitely worth taking it further. I decided to drop all aspirations of mine to be an actress so that I could focus on my writing. A few months later I had developed this spur-of-the-moment short story into a full fledged plot for a novel called, "The Inked Fae". Two years later here I am, still trying to finish it but with a goal to have it discovered by a literary agent by the end of the year, at least. I am hoping that this will be the book that kick starts my career as an author and that this course I am taking will help publishers take me seriously as a young writer.

My hobbies include horse riding, writing, reading, filming videos for YouTube, editing content for my page, The House Of Night Online, hiking, playing xbox with Chad, going on road trips and listening to music.

I have a YouTube channel in which I post videos about books and book related things, sometimes I'll film something different just because I feel like it. My channel is called, FeathersandFaith - I have had this channel since around 2008 but have only just recently started posting decent videos in the past couple of years. Here is the link if you would like to check it out and subscribe!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCW2iWMPJ5rR0Hp_LhmW5FQw

I also am a part of a fan-based online cast called The House Of Night Online. What we do is post content from videos to photos of ourselves portraying the characters in the "House Of Night" books written by P.C and Kristin Cast to supply the fans with visual content while we all wait for the movies to be made. I play the part of the red head villain, Neferet who is the High Priestess of the school that the protagonist, Zoey Redbird and her newfound friends go to, House of Night. We all love what we do and have made quite an impression on the fans and even the authors themselves. If you would like to go take a look at our page on Facebook, here is the link!: https://www.facebook.com/TheHouseOfNightOnline/

That is all about me for now, if you would like to find out more about me then check out the TMI Tag on my YouTube channel or feel free to email me your questions! Details will be on the contact page!

Ella Fleming-Christie

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