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Flame Kissed (Seeking The Dragon - Book One) by Alexis Radcliff: Book Review

On a romantic night at a ski lodge, 17 year-old Ella Denton has the perfect opportunity to finally confess her feelings to her long-time crush, Nick Gauss, before she goes off to college. But before she has the chance, everything goes horribly wrong: Ella is kidnapped by a mysterious grinning monster-man to the heart of the Ether-Realm, a magical land with a strange red sky at the nexus of all possible worlds. She is placed in chains and taken to a golden city ruled by the dark and brooding dragon prince, Kaden Kolrath, and told that she is now his slave. 

It seems her fate is now to be lost forever in a strange land far from home, never to return to Nick or her family back home in Havery Falls. That is, until Ella discovers she carries a mysterious spark of power… a spark that could change everything, forever. 

Flame Kissed is the first book in Alexis Radcliff’s exciting new fantasy romance serial, Seeking the Dragon. It’s a short, 15,000-word novella perfect to knock out in a single, quiet evening, and one of five total episodes.


I was pretty blown away when I ended up reading this all at once within an hour and felt almost compelled to read the next instalment. I don't usually get offers to read novellas as short as this but I was super pumped to have an opportunity to try something new, but it turned out to be a blissfully short experience and a great way to shove anyone out of a reading slump with a super relatable character and a beautifully crafted world filled with magic, golden cities, and brooding dragon princes.

"The golden city covered by an ethereal, translucent dome stretched out below us, with an enormous, sparkling castle at the center. The castle had seven towers, each taller than the next, and the largest of them rose up in the middle. Delicate bridges with intricate designs connected them in a spiral pattern, and the light shimmered across the surface of it all."

Ella Denton (another reason I thought the main character was absolutely awesome - I never come across people or characters who have the same name as me) is like any other teenage girl who is about to go off to college but first decides that confessing her love to her crush, Nick Gauss, is more than a good idea. She seems to be quite close to her adopted sister, Katie, as she once was with her real sister, Fiona, before her whole family was killed in the flames of a house fire. Ella miraculously survived and was thrusted into the care of another family where she took awhile to accept the truth of her real family's fate. Flames have always intimidated Ella and despite her constant attempts to avoid it, they come surging for her when she least expects them too.

The whole layout of the story was perfectly done, along with the story of how she came to be where she is and why she is such an introverted person who would rather stay home and play the piano than go out to a party with her adopted sister. The pace gave enough to catch on to important details and was fast enough that you don't get bored while waiting for the good bits - this is me saying that basically everything is the good bits, even before she is whisked away to a world of enslavement and magical dragon princes with bad attitudes and responsibility issues.

"I can still remember the terror I felt when I wondered what she meant by “whatever happens,” but before I could give her an answer, she’d slipped through the doorway and closed it behind her. That was the last time I ever saw my sister."

I have given this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars because I loved it enough to really want to read the next instalment, Flame Bound, but it just fell slightly flat of an amazing read. I feel that continuing on with the series will help me raise that impression to a full 5 stars. I also hope that the series will be printed one day so that I can put them all on my shelf - it's always awesome to imagine what could be of a series with such potential!

*I received a free electronic copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review*

Thank you Alexis Radcliff for the review copy!

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