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Darkened Shadows: The Call by A.L. Terry: Book Review

Cameron Evans never had a typical childhood with the death of her mother, her father leaving at a young age, and the disappearance of her older brother Abraham. Everyone knew about her life’s story and everyone gossiped about it even now. After the death of her mother her step-father, Richard, being the only living person eligible to keep her adopted her and thus raised her until the events during her senior year of High School. The summer before Cameron's last school year she joined her friend Kelsey to a party that was said to be the party of the year. Little did Cameron know that night would be the start of a very up and down spiral in her life. It had been years since she had nightmares about her brother Abraham and years since she had spoken to her ex-boyfriend Adam whom on the night of the party brings terror to Cameron at which introduces Sawyer a male who unknowingly to Cameron was sent to protect her against the unknown creatures that were coming after her.


From reading the description of this novel, I didn't quite know what to expect or what I was really getting myself into when I decided to read and review for my friend, A.L. Terry. At first, a mystery/thriller novel is what popped into my mind while reading the blurb and not one bit of a hint was given as to what else it could have in store. I was shocked to find that this was everything I was looking for in a dark fantasy read. For a debut novel, I feel overwhelmed after reading this as I have been given off an "experienced writer" vibe - this book has definitely been another of which has reminded me why I love reading so much and A.L. Terry has brought back the memories of when I first started to write stories for the love of a good plot and romance between two individuals in need of attention.

In terms of suspense and a gripping storyline, I felt like I was pulled in deep and I couldn't return, nor did I even want to (not to mention I read this book in the time frame of about 4 hours!). Thinking about how werewolves and vampires were a big topic a few short years ago, it's not hard to see the similarities and likabilities in this story. I feel like the two different species gives a sense of a side to choose and how hard it is to make a certain decision. In Cameron's case it's very clear that she is to become a Gathien due to her bloodline, but aspires to be as loving, caring and understanding as the werewolves. The development of the plot was well done as everything pieced itself together perfectly and no little details were left out. Everything in terms of powers, gifts or changing was explained in a way which I understood and made sense of for something that I have never actually read about before, specifically in terms of the Gathiens and their abilities.

Cameron is a very strong character and I like the way she is able to stand up for herself and not be the damsel-in-distress as almost every main female character seems to be; with the exception of Katniss Everdeen, Rose Hathaway, Celaena Sardothian, etc! Cameron knows how to handle things in a way that will deem her as someone who is smart but will sometimes make acts out of love and sacrifice which is another thing I like, although sometimes can lead her into trouble she could have avoided. Then again, who likes a story where there is no trouble?

The love for her brother seems to be stronger than what she has towards Sawyer and I appreciate that also as she knows where her loyalties lie and she will not go down without a fight knowing that there is a possibility that she can save him, even if it does cost her life. The relationship with Sawyer however I feel like I didn't see enough development with. I recall a passing time period where she stays at the mansion for a few weeks to stay safe but there wasn't enough times with them slowly getting used to each other for me to really see how they could have gained a good relationship with each other. I feel like the kiss on the head was moving a little too fast at first but either way, it still left a little tingle in my stomach. I don't not like how they ended up, in fact, I definitely ship Cameron and Sawyer! I just feel like there could have been a little more development between the two love birds.

Overall I really loved this book and I am itching to read the next one as the plot twist at the end gave me a shiver of excitement and confusion which I love! So I have give this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars because I really couldn't see much I didn't like about it, if any and I actually got more into this novel than I originally thought I would. I feel like this will be a series that will stay with me for a long time to come! Don't forget to let me know if you buy this book too!

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