Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Book Reviewing Blog Introduction - "Words Of Euphoric Nostalgia"! By Ella Fleming-Christie

Book Reviewing Blog Introduction!

Ella Fleming-Christie

Hello everyone! My name is Ella Fleming-Christie and I am an avid reader and aspiring author. I love to read whenever and wherever I can on the off chance I'll get to sit down and enjoy a hot coffee and an intriguing novel. This is my chance to show my opinion of a book that I've read and to express my opinions and ideas which keep cramming up in my head.

I've been thinking of creating a reviewing blog for a while now but never quite got around to it. Every book I have read in the past I have felt the need to tell someone about it and inspire another to try take a dip into the unknown waters like I once did thanks to a handy review or someone like me who just had to tell me about it. The one series that really inspired me to start this was the House Of Night books by P.C and Kristin Cast. The way this series and these gorgeous authors have inspired me to do or try things I wouldn't normally is such a powerful thing for me and it inspired me to help promote their books as well so that when the movies come out that they will hopefully be a success. So I started making a project I am part of grow into a much bigger thing. A few friends I made online and I created a page called The House Of Night Online which we decided to be an online representation of the books and audition for more parts so that we can start making videos of scenes and create pictures as extra content so that the fans passion for the series will reignite and will hopefully attract more readers.

An old edit of the cast in a "Destined" book cover poster
The current main cast of The House Of Night Online
(from left: Kelly Dodds as Goddess Nyx, Sway Sherman as Zoey Redbird,
Amber Terry as Stevie Rae Johnson and myself as Neferet)

I am currently writing my own novel which will be called, "The Inked Fae". It will be about a girl called Faylinn who just after her 16th birthday finds out that she has this watercolour tattoo of a grey horse appear on her arm and her mom tells her that she was born a faerie with the ability to wield the element, Spirit. At the moment, I am still in the process of finishing and editing but hopefully in the next year or two I will have it all published and ready to be shown to you all.

My interpretation of the cover art for my book, "The Inked Fae"

I can't wait to start reading more books and posting reviews for you all. I hope that in at least a years time I will still be doing this and have developed many friendships with fans and authors alike over our love for literature.

I hope you stay with me and continue in my journey for a lifetime of stories that will change us for the better!

Ella Fleming-Christie xoxo

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